Some of Scott's past and upcoming tours with Amelia White, Sara Petite,
Alice Wallace, Annie Keating,
Porchlight Smoker, the Long Haul


Amelia White UK tour 2022 

with Robbie Cavanagh, June/July 2022

Annie Keating Band UK tour 2022

April 2022


Sara Petite UK tour 2021 

with Joe Coombs, Ben Gonzalez, September 2021

Alice Wallace UK/Europe tour 2019

with Joe Coombs, October 2019

Amelia White UK/Europe tour 2019

April/May 2019

Robbie Cavanagh, Demi Marriner UK tour 2018 

December 2018

Amelia White USA tour 2018 

November 2018

Amelia White UK tour 2018 

June/July 2018